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Guide on collecting and using diversity data from employees

Inclusion@Lloyd's, the group that sets diversity & inclusion strategy and provides guidance for insurance firms in an around the Lloyd's market, has published its third toolkit on data collection. It was published to co-incide with the 5th annual Dive In Festival and Inclusion@Lloyd's worked with its partner networks to draft this useful guide on collecting and using diversity data from employees.

  • iCAN - The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network

  • Link - The LGBT Insurance Network

  • iDAWN - The Insurance Disability, Ability, & Wellbeing Network

  • GIN - Gender Inclusion Network

  • NGIN - Next Generation Insurance Network

  • IFN - The Insurance Families Network

You can download the toolkit here

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September 2019

Dive In: The Great Gender Debate

Write up from co-chair Jane Harley

On 24 September 2019 The Great Gender Debate was hosted by Aviva and Partner Network Group GIN (Gender Inclusion Network) featuring Marshall Bailey OBE in conversation with broadcaster, author, Government advisor and retail expert, Mary Portas.

As part of Dive In we collaborated with Aviva to host The Great Gender Debate. With some very topical discussions happening in the market this week, it was great timing to have this debate. Featuring an interview with Mary Portas & then a debate, conducted by Demate Mate we had some very topical conversations.

The first half saw Marshall Bailey OBE interview the fabulous Mary Portas. It was great to get her thoughts on all topics of business and why she believes more females are needed in senior positions. The statement of ‘kindness is the next phase of business’ really resonated with me. When we are children we are taught to treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves so why is it that often in business we forget this? With the next generation entering the working environment this is the type of workplace they want to operate in. We need to look at driving change from the roots up and not waiting for the boards of companies to drive the change. The door has now been opened for gender parity, its time to push that door off the hinges!

We then moved on to a great debate…should companies introduce a quota for females in senior manager/board positions? Both parties were in agreement that there is lots to do in this space in order to have a true representation of the workforce but what do you think? It is clear that as an industry we need to drive change but how do we do this without introducing a mandate? On the flip side should it not be the best person for the job? There is really no right or wrong here but we all agreed that we all have to work together to drive this change. Our very own co-chair Sabrina participated in the debate, what a great person to help catapult this change via GIN.

Thank you to all those who participated in the event and to Aviva for hosting. Lets push that door off its hinges now.


July 2019

Everywoman in insurance forum 2019

Photograph (left to right): Emily Dawkins, Selina Mi and Becky Young

Write up from committee member Emily Dawkins:

The everywoman in Insurance Forum was absolutely fantastic. I really had such a good day. The topics/agenda varied from a fireside chat between CEOs, to panels on diversity, data and leadership skills in the 21st century and speakers talking about their careers, defying stereotypes and preconceptions, unconscious bias, owning the room and introverts/extroverts (being your authentic self). As you would hope, every speaker was knowledgeable, passionate, interesting and engaging. It was good to see so many men in the room too and the day felt like it had a really positive vibe throughout.

There were several questions and discussions on how to engage the unengaged which no-one really has the answer to, although as one bold person put it “they can quit” J - which actually, I have heard from Allianz too so there is waning tolerance in some areas. However really we just need to keep talking about it and engaging as many men and women as possible.

Please visit the everywoman website to find out more:

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June 2019

Winning: a conversation with Rebecca Rowe

GIN and Travelers were extremely excited to be able to host their latest event, 'Winning, a conversation with Rebecca Rowe'.

Rebecca is a very successful multi sports international athlete participating in swimming, rowing, rugby and surf lifesaving. She has competed at four world championships in three different sports. Rebecca is double world champion and world record holder in surf lifesaving, 4th at the 2007 World Rowing championships, bronze at the 2007 European Rowing championships and 7th at the 2017 Rugby World Cup. She also held the British record for a channel relay swim in 2001.

Rebecca grew up in Wales and is a Loughborough University Graduate, qualified teacher and currently a firefighter in the London Fire brigade.

Rebecca took time out of her busy schedule to be interviewed by our GIN’s co-chair Sabrina. She spoke on issues such as mental resilience, being the only woman in the room, the importance of a good mentor, how to overcome imposter syndrome and how to view failure as a positive.

Gard kindly hosted this morning’s event, which began with an opportunity for GIN members to network with pastries and juices supplied by Vivid.

Some of the key pieces of advice shared by Rebecca included:

  • The importance of being supportive and using encouraging language around younger members of our families and groups so that no one feels limited by their gender

  • Surround yourself with supportive people who will help you achieve your goals and provide valuable feedback when things don’t go as expected

  • Allow yourself time to wallow if something hasn’t gone well but know when to pick yourself back up and start again

  • Set yourself small goals and always celebrate your victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem

  • If you can, find a good mentor or sponsor who will champion for you and help you see strengths that you might not recognise in yourself

  • Take risks; if it only by moving out of your comfort zone that you truly challenge yourself and through that you can achieve your goals.

The event was well received with a lively question and answer session at the end where audience members probed Rebecca on what she would do to improve the perception of women’s sport; our audience members didn’t ask easy questions!

GIN and Travelers would like to thank Rebecca again for her time and we wish her well with her career as a firefighter, not to mention the small matter of the Thames Marathon Swim she is taking part in this August!


May 2019

Mindfulness: mental health week

On 15 May we held our first mindfulness event to celebrate Mental Health Week.

In any given year, mental health problems will affect one in four people in the UK, responsible for the largest burden of disease in the country – affecting 28% of the population. As we ALL have our own mental health to look after, we decided to partner with our local Mind charity in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest (Mind CHWF) and spend some time talking about the importance of being KIND TO YOUR MIND and looking after our own well being. Everyone should prioritise their mental health as much as physical health and we need to support each other when a mental health problem arises, whether at home or in the workplace.

Anne and Miia, our experts, gave us a practical introduction to mindfulness and also taught us about five ways to look after our well being. Check out the list below - how many of these do you do on a monthly basis? Take some time to think about what actions you can take to look after your well being.

  • Make a connection (trusted friends/colleagues are important)

  • Learn or experience something new

  • Take time to stop and notice things are you, be present

  • Give something whether your time, a gift, a coffee - enjoy the appreciation you get in return

  • Exercise

After the extremely relaxing mindfulness session, Miia mentioned some sites to explore in order to learn more about the practice and how you can incorporate it in your day to day life – check out the sites below.

Thank you Anne & Miia for spending some time with us – here is some more information about Mind CHWF and if you’re interested in supporting the amazing work they do, please don’t hesitate to donate here:

About Mind CHWF

Mind in the City, Hackney and Waltham Forest (Mind CHWF) is driven by the needs of people experiencing mental distress and we won’t give up until everyone gets both support and respect.

Part of the community since 1981, it aims to empower people with experience of mental ill health, through the delivery of innovative, collaborative services to support peoples mental and physical wellbeing, resilience and recovery in the boroughs we serve. While affiliated with National Mind, it is an independent charity responsible for raising its own funds to support vulnerable people in its local areas.

They deliver a range of expert services to those at risk of or experiencing mental ill health, including:

  • Well being & Early Intervention Activities: for those with mild to moderate mental health problems such as stress, anxiety and low mood, e.g. mindfulness, resilience training, and yoga

  • Recovery & Social Inclusion Activities: for those with experience of severe and enduring mental ill-health including creative arts, healthy eating, Time to Talk events, psycho educational groups

  • Psychological Therapies: providing one-to-one and group therapies with a focus on humanistic counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness-based interventions and compassion-focused therapy

  • Welfare Rights: to ensure that people can access their appropriate entitlement to state welfare benefits, and support to address and reduce debt

  • Education & Employability Support: delivering training and accredited courses to empower people to develop the skills and confidence to enter education, employment or training

  • Peer Support: a recovery-based peer leadership programme

Pamela Hutchinson photo 2018.jpg

February 2019

In conversation with Pamela Hutchinson

On Thursday 21 February, GIN welcomed Pamela Hutchinson, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bloomberg for a informal ‘in conversation with’ chat at RSA. The session was a combination of inspiration and practical tips for how women can reach their full potential; both for individuals and for organisations.

Her story starts back in the 1960s when she was born; being ‘the only black family on the street’, surrounded by people that had very low expectations of her potential purely based on her “otherness”, she chose not to let this dampen her ambition and instead use it as spur her on prove people wrong. She is now a global senior executive, a mother, a black woman who has not let anything hold her back.

 Her top tips included:

  • To surround yourself with people who truly support you.

  • Be bold with what you ask for, but know you have to deliver first.

  • Bring your whole self to work, but be skillful with how you come across. 

  • Organisations should focus on Inclusion; bringing everyone, including men, into the conversation to create the solution.

  • And women remember, we need to pull other women up; through supporting them and mentoring.

There were fantastic questions from the audience including what more we need to do to address social mobility, how younger employees can learn how to navigate the corporate world and whether ally groups should be individual to each diversity group or whether it’s useful to be broader than that.

Thank to everyone who came and of course to Pamela for sharing her inspiring story.