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January 2019

On Thursday 21 February, GIN welcomed Pamela Hutchinson, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Bloomberg for a informal ‘in conversation with’ chat at RSA.


The session was a combination of inspiration and practical tips for how women can reach their full potential; both for individuals and for organisations.


Her story starts back in the 1960s when she was born; being ‘the only black family on the street’, surrounded by people that had very low expectations of her potential purely based on her “otherness”, she chose not to let this dampen her ambition and instead use it as spur her on prove people wrong. She is now a global senior executive, a mother, a black woman who has not let anything hold her back.


Her top tips included:

- To surround yourself with people who truly support you.

- Be bold with what you ask for, but know you have to deliver first.

- Bring your whole self to work, but be skilful with how you come across. 

- Organisations should focus on Inclusion; bringing everyone, including men, into the conversation to create the solution.

- And women remember, we need to pull other women up; through supporting them and mentoring.


There were fantastic questions from the audience including what more we need to do to address social mobility, how younger employees can learn how to navigate the corporate world and whether ally groups should be individual to each diversity group or whether it’s useful to be broader than that.


Thank to everyone who came and of course to Pamela for sharing her inspiring story.


February 2019

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March 2019

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